where in the world you can find the best app developers?

Where in the world can you find the best app developers?

I asked myself this question a few years ago. Back in 2018 I had six years of experience being an app developer. And as always I was looking for ways to improve. I asked many people the same question, and the answers I got were almost always the same – «Silicon Valley».

A few months later I took four weeks of work and jumped on the first plane to San Francisco. I spent two weeks living in a bunker bed in a «hacker house» in Palo Alto with ten other developers and entrepreneurs. I attended hackathons and meetups at Stanford University, I had coffee with developers from Facebook, Google, Apple, but also series A, B and C startups. I met so many nice and interesting people – people I will never forget.

I wish I had an answer to the question above – but instead, I learned the obvious; all developers are using the same tools, the same programming languages and the same frameworks. They even face the exact same challenges! And as a developer there will always be new stuff to learn and new technologies to explore. Make sure you enjoy the ride and spend time with people who motivates you and make you smile – find what works best for you. 

And most important, share your knowledge and help others!

We’re better together <3

PS: Where should I go next?