how to do Push Notifications right?

This morning I woke up and had 13 non-interesting push notifications on my phone. I decided that enough is enough – and turned off notifications for 5 apps and deleted 4.

You have probably experienced apps that prompt you for notification access the moment you open the app. At this point, you most likely have no understanding of the type of notifications the app will send you. Chances are that you say no to the request and the app loses the opportunity to communicate with you. There are so many simple steps you can take to improve this flow in the app. 

Some best practices are: 
• Make pre-permission screens that explains why you need this access.
• Provide the users options to decide on what notifications to receive.
• And most importantly, respect your user’s privacy.

Wolt has done a great job explaining why they want access to your location. They’ve also given their users an alternative to provide an address for delivery without you granting access to your location.

Bulder Bank is also giving me the option to choose what type of notifications I want to receive. Let the user be in charge!

Please, stop spamming people with notifications and start building a strategy for how and when to send push notifications instead of pushing your users to delete or turn off notifications.

PS: If you want to understand what world class push notifications really means, you should look towards Duolingo. They’ve done amazing work with push notifications.